Are you here to be a guiding light?

Heart Centered, Creative Woman,

Do you know that your gifts are needed to assist in this paradigm shift?

Do you still find yourself holding back, because of self doubt, fear of being judged or misunderstood?

I am here to assist you to step out of hiding and get on purpose - the world needs you and your gifts! 


I'd love to support you!

Maria Heart Song is an Intuitive Healer, Heart Song Alchemist, Yoga teacher and Purpose Clarity Coach based in Sweden, working world wide. After being burnt out twice, leaving her deeply depressed and suicidal, she found healing in music and the power of choice. This made her access the gift of creating healing, high vibrational songs. With her Heart Song Activations™, coaching programs and Sacred Heart Awakening journeys, she inspires women how to use intention, music, movement, playfulness and their own voice to consciously creating their lives and reconnecting with their soulful creative abilities, Divine Feminine power and higher purpose. Contact: [email protected]


Take the first step out of hiding!

Book a FREE Purpose Clarity Session with me. I am honored to serve you!

"“It has brought so much joy and deep transformation to be guided by Maria in the coachning program. I am so grateful for our sessions every other week, with different exercises, meditations and conscious intentions. From stress to inner peace. I feel less fear when it comes to making decisions and I'm not stuck in negative worrying thoughts. Now I do what I want! Thanks to the coaching I have created good morning rituals that set my attitude and intention for the day. Before I suffered from lack of sleep and was constantly tired. Maria invites to liberation in so many ways and has a solid knowledge and experience. Through soft challenges she has guided me to more joy, energy, calm and courage in my every day life. A program that I recommend to anyone that want to and are willing to make changes in their lives. Maria loving way of holding space and guiding is wonderful to lean into during the transformation. "


"I had a song activation session with Maria and was blown away. Her work is like nothing I have experienced before. She goes right to your soul with her singing and her voice is so beautiful. I felt heard. I felt seen. And the words that poured out of her were just what I needed to hear. I came to the session not expecting anything and ended up feeling so loved. In her song, she talked about my need to spend time alone, which at the moment is very hard to do (lockdown and everything) and it resonated deeply. I recommend you book a session with Maria. You won't be disappointed."

Ange De Lumière
The Business Intuition Guru at The Intuition Revolution


Are your here to light up the path for others? Are you here to be a LIGHTHOUSE? Do you have gifts to share in this shift we are in but still find yourself dimming your light? Have you been hiding, holding yourself back because of self doubt, procrastination and fears around visibility, being judged or misunderstood? Then this Heart Song Alchemy, the activating song LIGHTHOUSE is for you! It's time to rise and shine, Sister! People are waiting for you and your unique gifts!


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